Design Services


Design Process

My design process is guided by the thought that form follows content. Essentially your words are the guiding light to the visual container. My inspiration will be your story, your characters. It’d be an honor to bring your words to the printed page.

Author Questionnaire: I’ll send out a detailed questionnaire to really dig into your project. I’ll ask things about deadlines, expectations, and really explore your project’s visual language. Do you prefer loud typography or want something more subdued? Are you dead-set again sunflower yellow but love sea-foam green? During this stage, I’ll get to know you and your vision for your book or magazine.

Proposal + Contract: After reviewing your designs, I’ll whip up a detailed proposal and contract. This will spell out all the deliverables, timelines and all the un-fun legal bladdy blah that will help guide the expectations of our working relationship.

Discovery: I’ll complete through genre research and I’ll brainstorm cover options. This is my favorite part of the entire process.

Cover Concepts: After my conducting my design research, I’ll send over 2-3 rough cover mock-ups for you to peruse. Attach with each concept will feature a detailed explanation of my design choice. My work is informed and intentional and I want you to see the bones behind the visual skin.

Revisions: My goal is that you can’t wait to share your designed project to the world and sometimes that might take some trial and error to get things just right. Some good things take time to perfect so every deliverable offered, you’ll receive two rounds of revisions.

Final Deliverables: After the final payment is made, I’ll send you the agreed upon deliverables in the agreed upon formats.