My bread and butter is editorial and book design and I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on my next project.  Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, self-publisher, start-up, small business, indie-publisher or even non-profit, I'd love to hear the details of your next project. I'm currently available for freelance, contract, and full-time opportunities. Send me an email at with all the specifics.

If you're interested in the current design packages I offer, click below to learn more details which includes my what to expect in my design process, branding and book design packages info and more! 

Don't need an entire package or are you needing help with something other than book or editorial design? Please reach out to me! I'm available for art direction, video editing, photography (event, food, engagements), print/marketing collateral, environmental design, exhibit design, adjunct teaching and workshopping.