Art Directors and Publishers

Calling all art directors, publishers and editorial teams! I’d love to be the designer you call in for your freelance needs. Why should I join your team? I know my design theory, I’m highly efficient and a great problem solver. I believe that the form should be a seductive version of the content and I’m a stickler for deadlines.


Cover Design

Cover design is my bread and butter and the excitement as I break open my sketchbook to start concepting is almost palpable. It’s thrilling to find the sweet spot between staying with the constraints of the genre while adding a punchiness to stand out amongst similar titles.

Featured design for UNT Press


Interior Formating

From straight forward novels, heavily formatted non-fiction books and even to cookbooks, I can take your long form manuscript and create a slick container for your words. Need an e-book version too? Don’t worry, I can handle both reflowable and fixed Epubs too.

Featured design for Indie Birth Association

Legacy Magazine Mock-ups4.jpg

Magazine Design

After my tenure working as the art director for a weekly magazine, you bet I can whip up format busting layouts in no time. With a tendency to push the design envelope, I want readers to feel engaged not just by the content but by the design itself.

Featured design from Legacy Magazine